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Metasploitable Capture the Flag

This year, we’re hosting a first-of-its-kind Capture the Flag (CTF) competition. Whether you’re a noob to hacking or a grizzled pro, you’ll emerge from our 25-hour CTF with more knowledge and serious bragging rights. Show off your 1337 abilities by competing for top prizes, or learn how to capture your first ever flag.

This CTF is designed and hosted by the Metasploit team. That means two things: First, if you need a hand learning the ropes or help reverse-engineering an exceptionally tricky flag, you’ll have access to the foremost experts in the offensive security field. Second, you’ll be the first members of the public to test out the brand new Metasploitable3 Linux vulnerable machine. The Metasploit team has been waiting to debut a Linux version of Metasploitable, and we can’t think of a better opportunity than UNITED to do it.

Never participated in a CTF before? Be sure to come to the first session of the Phish, Pwn, and Pivot track: A Hands-on Introduction to Capture the Flag (CTF) Competitions Using Metasploitable. Were you will be guided step by step through capturing your first ever flag.

Excited? Read our blog post for more details.