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IoT Labs

Smart cars. Smart security cameras. Smart lightbulbs. Everything around you is connected. It's hard to argue IoT's popularity and pervasiveness—or its value. Unfortunately, it’s also impossible to ignore that many of these connected devices have security vulnerabilities.

At this year’s UNITED, Craig Smith, Research Director of Transportation research, and Deral Heiland, Research Director of IoT research, will man our very own IoT Lab, with two presentations a day and plenty of devices for you to get your hands on.

Craig Smith

Research Director of Transportation Security, Rapid7

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Deral Heiland

Research Leader, Global Services, Rapid7

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Car Hacking

Want to learn how to hack a car? Take a spin on our interactive workbench and learn what it takes to spoof engine temperature, fuel gauges, or even a vehicle’s speed.

IoT Device Hacking

Wondering just what’s inside a smart lightbulb? Let us give you a close-up and walk you through using a logic analyser or memory chip reader.

No previous car or IoT testing knowledge necessary.